CoRe Maintenance IoT Solutions

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Productivity Tools

Maximize productivity and avoid costly emergency interventions with the CoRe planning and scheduling tools.

Risk Management

CoRe provides companies with tools to perform audits, record incidents, and implement corrective actions; monitor compliance to safety training and regulatory requirements.

AI-Powered Insights

Artificial Intelligence enables CoRe to improve estimate accuracy, optimize resource allocation, and predict future maintenance needs.
CoRe Maintenance IoT Solutions

Connect Your Workforce &
Assets in the Operation & Maintenance Industry
For Safety &
Reliable Data Analytics

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Precise cost and time predictions are vital to meeting customer demands for a fixed-cost line item. CoRe boosts efficiency with improved estimation and optimized resource allocation.

CoRe Maintenance IoT Solutions
CoRe Maintenance IoT Solutions


CoRe’s automated, detailed record-keeping enables companies to justify end-to-end costs, providing accurate cost analysis and future projections easily.


CoRe gives companies a clear picture of completed, ongoing, and upcoming work, using accurate and reliable data analysis and predictions. 

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