CoRe IoT Port Solutions

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Global Scale

CoRe provides decision support to improve resource productivity and performance in over 150 countries. Our solution manages massive quantities of resources across geographically disparate regions.

Real-Time Analytics

Increase efficiency by having the right resources in the right place at the right time with CoRe’s accurate cargo arrival time estimates. 

AI-Powered Insights

CoRe provides accurate and dependable jobsite and worker data. With our innovative technology, you can improve productivity by optimizing resource allocation using data-driven decision-making.

CoRe Port IoT Solutions

Connect Your Workforce &
Assets in the Port & Logistics Industry For Safety &
Reliable Data Analytics

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Prevent budget and time overruns with data-driven estimates and resource allocation strategies. Dependable data to save time and money.
CoRe Port IoT Solutions
CoRe Port IoT Solutions


CoRe’s automated, detailed record-keeping justifies end-to-end costs to customers. Providing accurate cost analysis and future projections easily. 


CoRe enables clear communication with all stakeholders through a centralized resource management solution.
CoRe IoT Logistics Analytics

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